AgeFactor is a first attempt to configure new guidance and learning methods for adults, using an attractive and engaging path for self-directed and collaborative education and guidance, maximizing the benefits of social media and assisted peer pathways for employability. The project focuses on over 50s adults to equip them with digital and transversal skills through conscious use of social media for professional career management.

The project capitalizes on the potential of social media and peer support as tools for lifelong guidance and employability, working on reinforcement and development of key and transversal skills of > 50 age groups. It provides a transnational approach to innovative, informal but nonetheless effective forms of digital guidance. By building the skills for personal and professional branding and reputation, AGEFACTOR will, directly and indirectly, improve digital, problem-solving, language, reading, communication and collaboration skills of its users.


Project aim

To improve and extend the offer of effective guidance & basic skills learning opportunities of adults, in particular by training over 50s, based on benchmarked good practice of innovative ways of outreach & delivery in the field of new media (social media & apps) in Europe.

AgeFactor has the following specific objectives:


To develop and increase the competences of coaches, trainers and other educators in their effective use of social media and other new technologies media for adult guidance and professional development, concurrently improving outreach and coaching, training and learning outcomes.


To develop and provide career and education guidance & effective methods for enhancing basic digital & transversal skills by means of a new technology based strategy, namely social platforms and job clubs.


To enhance 50s capacity to promote themselves in the labour market in a more effective & autonomous way & increase their employability.


To support especially SMEs, in the improvement of age/diversity management processes and encourage employers to integrate fair employment practices when managing mature workers & the company’s diverse workforce.


To streamline & promote the AGEFACTOR approach into provision of educational & guidance services for adults & to provide for its long-term sustainability by involving stakeholders & policy/decision-makers.