My name is María Elena Hernández Bolívar, I’m 55 years old and I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, a place in a magical environment where my life goes by, and where I generate the passion that inspires me to face the challenges of a totally globalized world. I started my fifty years unemployed, after having been an enterprising woman in different sectors. In this situation, I am looking for a way to stay firm and optimistic, to be able to face a reality that is almost invisible, and that is affecting a large part of the population

Carmen Dolores has told us her story. She has always liked making jewelry and imitation jewelry as a hobby. While working, her coworkers saw the bracelets, necklaces and rings that she elaborated, and they started asking her to make these kind of accessories for them and even, they started buying them.

AgeFactor SUCCESS STORY in Riga, Latvia

One of the success examples of the AgeFactor project in Latvia is doctor Badikova and her enthusiasm. With the help of the project, she has mastered the use of various social online communication tools as well as acquired information search skills on the Internet

Age Factor Success story in Czech Republic

My name is Jana Kavkova and I am 60 years old. I have been always interested in development of my skills, improving my knowledge as I am aware on how fast the current world is running and changing and for our generation it is much more difficult to understand and cope with new digital technologies and social media.