As announced at our last general meeting in June 2018, we confirm the French start of our experimental training phase in relation with the European project "ERASMUS +": AGE FACTOR "

In a word, this training aims on the one hand the public of the Seniors and relies on the acquisition of 8 numerical skills useful for searching a job of / a recruitment / a professional reconversion, in the most effective way, via the social networks. This very concrete training is mainly done on line, via the emission of 8 "Ageletters". These supports sent by mail to people are rich of video, quizzes, games ... to raise awareness / initiate / validate the 8 digital skills. If needed, some offline meetings can be arranged to facilitate the training.


On the other hand, this training is also aimed at companies in order to:

  • araise their awereness of the advantage of recruiting such a public within their teams;
  • enable them to offer these tools to their own employees.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we are at your disposal to adapt the methods of this project to your own needs and constraints!