Age Factor Success story in Czech Republic

My name is Jana Kavkova and I am 60 years old. I have been always interested in development of my skills, improving my knowledge as I am aware on how fast the current world is running and changing and for our generation it is much more difficult to understand and cope with new digital technologies and social media.

And I am very happy to participate on the Age Factor project and training led by Renata Ptacnikova. The whole training was conducted on a professional level, all participants were given a general overview and insight into social media, what today's young people use quite commonly. But it is not quite normal for us, people around the age of fifty.

During the Age Factor training pathway, we realized how useful channel it can be. I already had a Facebook profile and I can say, I am somehow able to use IT tools, but on basic level and usually for my family and friends purposes. I have never tried to use it as a mean improve my skills, search for training or job, clients etc. Each participant registered on Instagram and tried to enter "the right information" for his profile. It is not a simple task, to describe your product, or to describe it in an interesting and interesting way. Personally, I am sure, our generation has difficulties with this "boasting” and we usually underestimate ourselves…..well, I think, this should be a second Age Factor project topic :)

But thanks to this training, we understand that all social media can be used not only as a very practical tool for individual and working communication, but also useful for education (e.g. I can look for training, courses), and can also present my work or business and what's most amazing - looking for new jobs, customers, clients, targeting, etc. outside of the classic advertising channels.

We have learned all of this at seminars and I am very glad that we could try it out right away - on our devices. I would be for sure interested to take part on further activities organized by Institute for women and the Age Factor partnership.