Success story – Metalworking company in LATVIA

Mr. Vladimirs Rojenko is a 30 years old entrepreneur who runs a small metalworking company in Riga, Latvia. His company employs all age workers without discrimination, mainly around the age 50. Mr. Rojenko found the AgeFactor project appealing and decided to participate in the project activities with the goal of providing some contribution to raising awareness of the project’s topic – age diversity management and digital skills of elderly employees.

“Nearly every moment of the daily work, we use the IT technologies and apply programming skills of my employees - people are working with computers, drawing tables as well as various drawing programmes. In my opinion, computer skills and the use of social media are very important today, specifically in the manufacturing industry, where without having this skills it's impossible to work with new technologies, to communicate with clients efficiently and creatively, and it is also impossible to move further [with the career]. The knowledge of the IT issues and digital skills is a strong basis that can move higher up the ladder those persons over 50 who believe that their career is already over.

I encourage everyone [adult persons] to participate in the AgeFactor project activities in order to develop the computer skills and use of different software in the daily work, as well as skills in social media, thus building a strong basis for the development of further career.”