CARDET is one of the leading research and training centres in the eastern Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, project management, training, and e-learning. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of adult and vocational training initiatives in the areas of financial literacy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Members of its team and board represent European and International Higher education institutions, training centres and international organizations, and have in-depth knowledge of the adult training sector, social justice, e-learning approaches, and social progress.

    CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in adult training, capacity building, curriculum development, social entrepreneurship, vocational training, design thinking, innovation, education research, evaluation, and human resource development. Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 200 projects in more than 30 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, the Commonwealth of Learning, international agencies, and governments from around the world.

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  • FEDERATION des Centres d'Insertion

    FEDERATION des Centres d'Insertion

    Fédération des Centres d’Insertion – Lille - France

    The FCI is an association law 1901, created on 20.10.1989, consisting of insertion and training organizations, organisations of insertion through economic activity, neighborhood institutions and companies in the Lille metropolis working in partnership to within the FCI to design and implement integration pathways to employment.

    The FCI has a strong and significant experience and is recognized in the field of socio-professional integration of the public lacking or with insufficient access to employment, especially young people. The FCI works on the implementation of a sustained support for each person, it provides a good quality support and active listening of its staff, in order to promote the expression of the young person and the incitement to decision making. A follow-up of the young person until they are stable is also provided. The FCI contributes to finding employment solutions, training or other positive outputs.

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    Forcoop Cora Venezia Sc has been operative since 1990 to design and implement training and guidance paths for people willing to (re)enter the labor market or for employed workers wishing to update or specialize their skills. Forcoop is accredited by the Veneto region for Guidance, Lifelong learning, Higher education and Employment services.

    We also develop activities of social innovation, local marketing, collaboration with local makers, wine & food laboratories, etc. The “core business” is VET and guidance: post-diploma and post-lauream training, lifelong learning and training courses for disadvantaged groups (women, youth, migrants, seniors, Neets), school and vocational guidance (coaching, counseling, personal branding development), skills assessment and validation, ad-hoc methodologies development and experimentation, self-entrepreneurship guidance and consultancy. Forcoop uses Cora, Retravailler, and Talentaged methodologies (Over 50 focused).

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  • IPZ


    Institute for Women (IPZ) was founded in 2008 as an independent, apolitical, non-governmental and non-for-profit organization with the aim to support equal opportunities in society and well balanced life. IPZ intends to provide adults with a chance to develop, self-motivate, self-understand and achieve self-fulfillment. IPZ tries to assist adults in getting to know themselves, their potential and abilities and to help them to develop all these aspects.

    IPZ focuses on the development of the talent, talent management, personal branding, how to discover and also “sell” the talent ». People in IPZ organises many workshops and conferences connected to this topic. One of our most successful and demanded product is also intensive training programme called Inclubator that helps not only to entrepreneurs or people willing to start their own business but also find their right and suitable « place » in the company. It is a training programme tailored to the needs of the participants and involves group but also individual sessions, workshops or coaching.

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    Newry, Mourne and Down District Council is the third largest local authority in Northern Ireland. Our aim is to provide civic leadership, deliver local services and ensure that the district develops in a way that increases prosperity and quality of life for local residents. Newry, Mourne and Down District Council have delivered a range of projects aimed at enhancing the well-being, self-confidence and quality of life of older adults within the community.

    In 2012 - 2014 we participated in the INTERREG IVc Labour Plus project which aimed to increase employability for disadvantaged groups and improve local and regional employment strategies. In 2014 in the Council launched its Age Friendly Strategy and Charter which aim to make the district a great place to grow older, and one which supports and enables older people to play a full role in the community life of the area.

    Visit website at newrymournedown.org



    PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of the Employment Possibilities, an institution

    PRIZMA Foundation was funded in 2011 as a non-profit organisation. PRIZMA encouraging investment in human resources development, strengthening the development of competences, the lifelong learning of employees and especially unemployed with aim to raising the competitiveness of local businesses as well as increasing the employability.

    Visit website at fundacija-prizma.si

  • Sociedad de Desarrollo

    Sociedad de Desarrollo

    The Development Agency of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a services company belonging to the Town Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in Canary Islands (Spain). It was created at 2000 with the fundamental aim of encouraging the social and economic progress of the city, promoting enterprise development, improving the employability of its population by encouraging the formation of human resources of the municipality and promoting the revitalization of the sectors with the largest presence in the local as business services, trade and tourism.

    The working line Santa Cruz Activa aims primarily to enhance the labour and business counseling services as well as intensified training actions for unemployed, employees and companies managers, focusing on disadvantage people with specific needs in the labour market inclusion process.

    Visit website at sociedad-desarrollo.com

  • Tandem Plus

    Tandem Plus

    The TANDEM PLUS network, established in 2008, is a group of public and private organizations from several European and international countries.

    TANDEM PLUS is based on the experiences of different countries preoccupied and affected by social exclusion and poverty. It bringstogethermultidisciplinarypartners to collectivelyaddressthisproblem by using human, technical and financial means.

    The exchange of practices and experimentation allow to strengthen professional practices by appropriating the differentintegrationpoliciesfrom different countries and to build new means of action.

    The organizations share and develop socio-economic dynamics at a multi-territorial scale, by involving, through an organized approach, actors from the economic, political, social, socio-cultural, training and research environment. They establish a multidimensional partnership around the integration of target audiences.

    Based on the experiences considered to be positive and rewarding for all stakeholders, wetake the opportunity to develop and complete the process of integration of vulnerable groups, confirming the legitimacy of our missions in the concerned territories, the recognition by the institutions from the member countries, but also from other European and international countries.

    The network members have decided, in accordance withtheir missions, to coordinate their actions in order to design, develop and implement new scenarios and new methods of transnational cooperation.

    Tandem Plus develop actions and strategies to solve the social, political and economical inclusion problems of the disadvantaged and promote the principles of social cohesion and access to employment for all.

    Visit website at tandemplus.org

  • University of Latvia

    University of Latvia

    The University of Latvia (UL) is the major academic center in Latvia with 13 faculties and 20 research institutions and is the largest university in the Baltic States.

    Implementation of the Age Factor project at the University of Latvia is carried out by the Centre for European and Transition Studies (CETS).

    • CETS was established with the aim: To promote research and teaching activities in the areas relevant to Latvia’s current position and future prospects in Europe, European integration, international relations with non-EU member states.
    • To endorse both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities, focusing on a variety of disciplines such as economics, public administration, law, political science, sociology and regional studies.
    • To support both academic and applied research through the development of research networks created in cooperation with public institutions, ministries, and international organizations.
    • To involve students engaged in postgraduate/advanced studies in the constituent disciplines of the centre.
    • To disseminate the results of research activities carried out by CETS through seminars, conferences, website content, and the publication of working papers.

    Visit website at www.lu.lv/cets



    Veneto Lavoro was established by the Regional Law nr. 31/98, as a technical agency for the employment of the Veneto Region. Veneto Lavoro supports the institutions and other organizations, featuring qualified services in terms of planning, management and evaluation of the labour policies, inclusion and monitoring of regional labour market and economy and society. Its scope includes the study and promotion of active employment policy, the monitoring of the labor market, the implementation of the Employment Information System of Veneto and the development of innovative projects, both in the context of local and EU level.

    Visit website at venetolavoro.it